NOAA Gulf of Maine Consumer Debris Meeting

Today, representatives from Trash Shouldn't Splash attended the NOAA Gulf of Maine Consumer Debris Meeting in Portland, Maine. The Consumer Debris Priority Actions discussed at the meeting were:

2.3: 1 "Partner with restaurant and innkeeper associations to increase awareness",

2.3: 5 "Identify barriers to plastic-free choices",


2.3: 6 "Support and promote innovative strategies and products focused on the reduction of single-use plastics".

In attendance were representatives from the Maine Coastal Program, Sea Education Association (Trash Shouldn't Splash), the American Chemistry Council, Urban Harbors Institute, Casco Baykeeper, Rozalia Project, City of South Portland, Salem Sound Coastwatch and NOAA Marine Debris Program. 

Dr. Kara Lavender Law, lead-PI on Trash Shouldn't Splash and a research professor at Sea Education Association, gave a presentation on the goals, objectives, and successes of Trash Shouldn't Splash. She touched upon the preliminary research of Trash Shouldn't Splash, the process of creating Trash Shouldn't Splash, and the engagement of Trash Shouldn't Splash restaurant partners in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. Those in attendance had both questions and constructive comments for Dr. Law, which promoted a thought-provoking and productive conversation for the entire group.

The Trash Shouldn't Splash team will be sharing their toolkit with attendees to facilitate implementation into their own organizations and communities.