SEA Semester at woods hole

Since 1971, Sea Education Association (SEA) has engaged undergraduate students in the study of the oceans and the human impact on the environment in the Boston University-accredited study abroad program, SEA Semester. In a variety of academic programs designed to explore cross-disciplinary, ocean-focused themes, students join an engaged living and learning community on the SEA campus in the oceanographic research center of Woods Hole, MA (on Cape Cod) and on our tall sailing ships that are also oceanographic research vessels. Since the mid-1980s, SEA Semester students have been sampling the oceans for plastic pollution, collectively producing the longest and most widespread data sets on floating microplastics in the North Atlantic and North and South Pacific Oceans.


trash shouldn't splash team

Kara Lavender Law, PhD is Research Professor of Oceanography at SEA whose research is focused on the abundance, distribution, transformation and fate of plastics in the marine environment.

Erin Bryant, Esq., M.M.A., M.S.Ed. is Assistant Professor of Ocean and Coastal Policy at SEA, with interests in coastal and ocean management and strategies for improving ocean health.

Jessica Donohue, MS is Research Assistant at SEA, with experience in laboratory research on microplastics characterization and degradation, and extensive education and outreach activities on plastics pollution.

Madeline Hughes is a SEA Semester alum (S-271) from Wellesley College who served as a project intern in summer 2017.

Emily Dailey is a SEA Semester alum (S-278) from Florida State University who served as a project intern in summer 2018.